Long Term Rental Discount

We have put together long-term tent rental packages for restaurants looking to provide outdoor seating in an effort to provide a safe dining environment for their guests.  We can assist you in getting the right tents to serve your customers during this time. Currently we are offering a monthly rental at a substantial discount. You pay only 5-days (that’s our daily rate multiplied by five) for the entire month! We encourage you to contact us directly if you plan on renting for more than a 3-month period, as we will try to work with you and provide further discounts. Below you can find daily pricing for the tents we offer. Additional fees may apply (Permit if needed, Special anchoring)

For tent sizes not listed below, please call us (602) 962-5867. We can accommodate any size tent you need.

TENT PRICES (Daily Rates Below- Multiply by 5 for Monthly Rate)​