Is your Business ready to throw the best Company Picnic Ever?

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Is your Business ready to throw the best Company Picnic Ever?


When it comes to being a great leader, throwing an awesome event for your company is crucial along with the obvious tasks, including managing employees, leading meetings, running business operations daily, and more. When it comes to throwing fun parties or picnics for your company, employees can build stronger relationships with co-workers, and they will appreciate the fun activities. They will also appreciate the fact that you are showing your appreciation for their hard work. And as a result, you will boost morale even more within your staff.

In seeing how important it is to throw a spectacular summer picnic, there are certain things you can do to ensure you have the best company picnic ever. The following includes steps you should take:

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1. Do a checklist of how many employees are coming or might come along with their families if the summer picnic is for their families as well.

You should have memos sent via email, on the bulletin board, and through live announcing of the upcoming event to staff. You must also tell them that they must sign-up on the sheet that they will go to or may go to the summer picnic. Start this process at least a few weeks in advance of the event. You must ensure everyone has a chance to sign-up, and you must have time to organize the picnic yourself or through designated personnel. With the sign-up sheet, your designated personnel or you can have an approximate headcount, so you can order the estimated amount of food, drinks, activities packages, and so forth.

2. Knowing when you will have the summer picnic

When you do this, you can plan accordingly. For instance, if you are planning it around the 4th of July and at night, you can have fireworks. Otherwise, if it’s at night during any other time in the summer, you can have an “A Night in Vegas” theme if you are just inviting your employees. If you are inviting employees and their families, you can have fun activities that are more family-oriented, such as volleyball, water sprinkler games, or mini-golf. Getting a few bounce house rentals are really amazing for children.

3. Have a spectacular array of entries that are vegan, vegetarian, and with meat

Some people may not want to heat barbeque ribs and hot dogs, for instance. And as previously mentioned, it’s important for all your employees to appreciate these events.

4. Finding out where the company will be held

Are you planning on having the summer picnic at a restaurant, a local park, or an amusement park? These are just a few choices, you may also choose something, like the convention center or a skating alley. Whatever your choice is, you can arrange accordingly. Even if you are planning on being outdoors at night, you can hang up some lights. If there may be a chance of rain and you are planning on being outdoors, you can get a huge tent rental for all the employees and guests to be. There are also tent rentals for smaller sizes to have for various carnival-like activities.

5. Setting up activities according to why you are throwing the event

When planning a memorable picnic for your company, it is imperative to keep in mind how to show your appreciation towards your hardworking employees. You can do numerous things to show appreciation to them. You can do the following:

-Set up a photo booth
-Personalize a company picnic souvenir or mug
-Walk on stage to make a speech and thanking each department
-Host a raffle for cool prizes
-And more.

Whatever you plan for the summer picnic, keep in mind that celebrating them for their hard work goes a long way for your organization. There will be no business without strong leadership and team. And with a memorable company picnic, your team’s morale will be even stronger.

Other Ideas for Party Rentals

When it comes to bounce house rentals, you can get more than just the standard bounce house. These types of stores typically have a full array of the following:

-Bounce houses of various types/sizes
Water slide rentals
-Obstacle courses,
-Inflatable playlands
-Carnival concessions

When it comes to party rentals in Phoenix, Arizona, you can also order construction equipment and have someone to do construction for you. Other than that, general party rentals include the following:

-Beverages machines
-Dunk tank
-Floors and stages
-Cotton candy maker
-Popcorn maker
Snowcone machine maker


Throwing a fun and memorable company picnic is mandatory to be a great leader for your company. And with careful planning and organizing and adhering to the steps above, your summer company picnic will surely be a blast.