Amazing Car Wash
Amazing Car Wash

Amazing Car Wash


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Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

23'L x 12' W x 15'H

Space Needed:

25'L x 15' W, x 17'H

item unavailable (change date)

Product Information:

Car Wash is our newest interactive wet/dry bouncer, designed especially for kids.

Themed as a car wash, it even has an inflatable car inside. It has a totally sealed bed complete with drain holes.

Children have to negotiate their way through the vertical and horizontal rollers.

There are two curtains of water cascade down over the inflatable car.

The kids can “dry off” in front of the air blowers at either side of the inflatable car.

Car Wash is the perfect game for those hot, summer days.

Product Reviews:

  • 7/10/21Scotttons of fun and even has shade

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